Trophies 01
Trophies 01

Dr. Kyle Jamieson Named Winner of the 2018 SIGMOBILE RockStar Award

ACM SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time Paper Award 2018

The 2017 NSF Visioning Workshop on Extreme Wireless Networking

Salt Lake City, Utah

MobiCom Best Paper Award

Each year, each of our conferences recognizes the best paper submitted to the conference that year.

ACM SIGMOBILE Doctoral Dissertation Award

The award will recognize excellent thesis research by doctoral candidates in the field of mobile computing and wireless networks.

SIGMOBILE Research Highlights

Papers of high quality and broad appeal will be selected from SIGMOBILE sponsored conferences and will be recommended for consideration for the Communications of the ACM Research Highlights section and published in ACM GetMobile.

Trophies 01
Trophies 01

Prof. Norman Abramson Named Winner of 2017 SIGMOBILE Outstanding Contribution Award

Award to be presented at MobiSys 2017

Trophies 01
Trophies 01

Dr. Shyam Gollakota Named Winner of the 2017 SIGMOBILE RockStar Award

ACM SIGMOBILE is the international professional computing organization for scientists, engineers, executives, educators, and students dedicated to all things mobile. As exemplified by the inaugural test-of-time awards, its members have pioneered:

  • medium access mechanisms that underpin Wi-Fi and IoT sensor communications
  • positioning systems used in every smart phone and in factories
  • file system caching techniques that inspired Dropbox
  • congestion control and mesh networking techniques for faster and more ubiquitous wireless broadband data access
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SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time Awards

The SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time awards recognize papers that have had a sustained and significant impact in the SIGMOBILE community over at least a decade.

The current awardees have just been announced!