Dr. Kyle Jamieson Named Winner of the 2018 SIGMOBILE RockStar Award

Dr. Kyle Jamieson of Princeton University has been named the winner of the 2018 SIGMOBILE RockStar Award "in recognition of his outstanding early-career contributions and impact in the field of wireless computer networks"The award will be presented at an upcoming SIGMOBILE conference. 

About Dr. Kyle Jamieson

Kyle Jamieson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University where he leads the PAWS Group. He is also an adjunct Reader of Wireless Systems and Networks at University College London.

Kyle's research interests span all aspects of wireless computer networks, from the basic architecture of the wireless physical layer to high-level security properties. His work mainly involves two main threads of research: bringing phased array signal processing indoors and improving the capacity of wireless networks in a world with many billions of wireless devices, most of which transmit in wireless spectrum that is unplanned by any central authority. 

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