SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing Research Community Fund

The SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing Research Community (MCRC) fund has been established to support research projects and activities that have wide benefit to the mobile research-community. We solicit proposals for these awards based on the guidelines presented below: 


MCRC proposals will typically support the following kinds of activity:

  • Research data or benchmark archive. e.g. CRAWDAD at Dartmouth
  • New community software: e.g. CAD, mobile research tools
  • Maintenance of software already used by the community
  • Education support for mobile computing
  • Student conference sponsorships
  • Open collaborative research project funding

Submission Process

Using the format described here, send your proposal by email to the SIGMOBILE executive committee using the email address: All proposals must have an a priori established SIGMOBILE Executive Committee member who is prepared to champion the proposal during the selection process. The committee will endeavor to review a proposal, and either accept, or reject a proposal within 1 month of submission. 

Funding Criteria

  • The proposal must be submitted by a SIGMOBILE member
  • The project proposal must be judged to be of high-quality by the SIGMOBILE Executive Committee
  • The project must be relevant to, and provide value for, a wide cross-section of the SIGMOBILE membership.
  • An award should not exceed $20k in a calendar year.
  • A proposal must be for a specified period of time, but not exceed 3 years.
  • For proposals longer than one year, a 2-page report must be generated each year summarizing its achievements. Continued funding will be conditional on a positive review of the annual report by the Executive Committee.
  • The project must disseminate its results to SIGMOBILE members through either the website, MC2R quarterly publication, or at one of SIGMOBILE.s sponsored conferences or workshops.
  • SIGMOBILE will not pay for hosting organization overhead fees, only for items that directly contribute to the project.

Proposal Components

  • Title: What is the project to be called?
  • Subject matter: What is the purpose of this project?
  • People: Who speaks for, and takes responsibility for this project? Who else is on the team? What are their qualifications, or track-record for carrying out this project?
  • Requested Award: The total amount requested
  • Duration: Will this project need on-going, continual funding? If so, how many years of seed money are being sought, and what is the plan for continuing funding?
  • Schedule: When will it start and end?
  • Prior work: What work has already been done in this area and how will this project build on it?
  • Relevance: What SIGMOBILE membership is this project relevant to? Do they have similar projects already underway? How will they be involved?
  • Potential value: What is the potential value of the proposed project to SIGMOBILE members?
  • Deliverables: What will be the outcome of the project?
  • Delivery vehicle: Who is the audience for this outcome? How will these people be informed of the outcome? Where applicable, how will they get access to it?
  • Additional funding: Have you considered other sources of funding? Will someone match SIGMOBILE MCRC Funding?
  • Dependency: What other things does the successful completion of this project depend upon?
  • End-game: How will you know the project has succeeded?


Proposals should be 3 US-letter size pages typed in 10-pt Arial font. Additional supporting material such as CVs, resumes, figures or papers may be included in an appendix