How to Obtain Sponsorship or In-Cooperation Status

Obtaining Sponsorship

SIGMOBILE welcomes the opportunity to sponsor, co-sponsor, or grant "in-cooperation" status to conferences, workshops, and other technical meetings that would be of interest to our members. Such relationships must be approved by the SIGMOBILE Executive Committee. We particularly welcome technical meetings in new areas that are not covered by existing SIGMOBILE events. In deciding to approve such a relationship, the quality of the event will be considered, and the quality of the event will be monitored once approval is given. Automatic approvals should not be assumed.

NOTE: Technical meetings are not permitted to advertise (co)sponsorship or in-cooperation status with SIGMOBILE until approval of this status is granted by SIGMOBILE and ACM.

Until approved, it is not acceptable to include this status in Calls for Papers or other advertisements, even if phrases such as "pending" or "pending approval" are included.

The use of SIGMOBILE's name in any advertisements is permitted only for technical meetings for which approval of such status has been received. Approval of this status for one year's event does not automatically imply approval for the same event in future years. Approval must be requested separately each year.

There are two ways in which SIGMOBILE can be involved with a technical meeting: as a (co)sponsor or as "in cooperation". From an applicant's perspective, the difference between applying for (co)sponsorship and in-cooperation status is that the latter is far simpler to obtain because it does not entail any financial involvement or liability by SIGMOBILE.


The benefits of SIGMOBILE (co)sponsorship or in-cooperation status include:

  • Permission to use the prestigious SIGMOBILE logo and name in all publicity and publication materials.
  • Advertisement in SIGMOBILE's quarterly publication, Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R), which is sent free to all SIGMOBILE members. A half-page advertisement may be placed free of charge for meetings that SIGMOBILE is in-cooperation with, and a full-page ad for meetings that SIGMOBILE (co)sponsors. Note that MC2R has strict press deadlines which must be met. See GetMobile for details.
  • Permission to send meeting announcements to SIGMOBILE's moderated distribution lists. These lists include members, non-members, and past attendees of SIGMOBILE's events. Due to the proliferation of span, organizers are requested to limit the number of announcements they send over these lists.
  • Links to the meeting's URL on SIGMOBILE's web pages.
  • Exposure to a diverse range of multidisciplinary researchers, academics, and industrial practitioners working at the cutting edge of mobile computing and communications technology.

In addition to the above, SIGMOBILE (co)sponsorship has the benefit of financial and logistical support from SIGMOBILE, as well as the prestige that comes with sponsorship by the world's leading scientific society in this technical area.

Note that all members of the organizing committee for conferences and workshops sponsored by SIGMOBILE (Chairs, Vice Chairs, etc.) must be members of SIGMOBILE. Members of the Technical Program Committee are also encouraged to become SIGMOBILE members.


If you would like SIGMOBILE (co)sponsorship or in-cooperation status for a technical meeting, you need to read the ACM guidelines and submit an ACM Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF) to the SIGMOBILE Conference Coordinator. The Coordinator will request the approval of the SIGMOBILE Executive Committee and forward the TMRF to ACM headquarters for approval. While (co)sponsorship requires a complete TMRF, in-cooperation status only requires a shorter TMRF.

In addition to submitting the TMRF, SIGMOBILE requires both in-coopertion and sponsored workshops or conferences to agree to the following terms. This is a standard set of items that SIGMOBILE requests of all events seeking in-cooperation or sponsored status. (For sponsored events, some of these items may be obvious or automatic.) It may seem like a long list, but note that many of the items directly support your event. We are open to negotiation on some of these items for special circumstances.

  1. That you follow all ACM requirements, including:
    • submission of a certificate of insurance with the TMRF (if the original sponsor is not ACM),
    • allowing ACM members to have the same registration fees as for other sponsoring organizations, and
    • submission of a report to Stephanie Smith at ACM HQ within one month after your event ends. (Information requested for this report is listed on the TMRF.)
    NOTE: The submission of a certificate of insurance is waived if the sponsor of the conference is IEEE and in-cooperation status is requested.
  2. That you allow SIGMOBILE to advertise your event on the SIGMOBILE website.
  3. That you post a SIGMOBILE logo on your event website. The Treasurer of SIGMOBILE, Tracy Camp , can provide you with a high resolution SIGMOBILE logo.
  4. That you submit your event's final CFP to the SIGMOBILE members- only mailing list for distribution. If you are a member of SIGMOBILE, then you can email your CFP to the SIGMOBILE mailing list directly. If you are not a member of SIGMOBILE, then you can ask Robert James Steele to post the CFP for you. (Please also cc the Treasurer of SIGMOBILE, Tracy Camp , on the email to Robert.)
  5. That you submit a copy of your event's final CFP to MC2R for publication (at no charge). The cfp should be emailed to the editor of MC2R, Prof. Mani Srivastava . Please also cc the Treasurer of SIGMOBILE, Tracy Camp , and the Vice Chair of SIGMOBILE, Jason Redi.
    NOTE: MC2R is a quarterly publication, which appears in January, April, July, and October each year. Your event's CFP needs to be submitted at least two months in advance of the publication, which is the minimum overall delay associated with typesetting, printing, and mailing of each issue. If it does not make sense to submit your event's CFP (i.e., because the paper submission date is before the MC2R publication date), then you must submit a "Call for Participation" to your event instead.
  6. That you publish a one-page SIGMOBILE ad in your event proceedings and/or program. The Treasurer of SIGMOBILE, Tracy Camp , can provide you with an e-copy of this ad.
  7. That you distribute two SIGMOBILE flyers to attendees during the event (i.e., an ad for SIGMOBILE and a CFP for MC2R). The Treasurer of SIGMOBILE, Tracy Camp , can provide you with an e- copy of each flyer.
  8. That you send four copies of your event program and event proceedings to Stephanie Smith at ACM HQ, after the event is over. Stephanie will then send one copy to each member of SIGMOBILE's Executive Committee.
  9. That you write an "MC2R Workshop/Conference Report" following the event, and submit it to MC2R for publication within one month after your event ends. This report should be 2-4 pages in length, and should provide an overview of the event highlights with an emphasis on the technical content. (The report will be published by SIGMOBILE free of charge.) The report should be emailed to the editor of MC2R, Prof. Mani Srivastava . Please also cc the Treasurer of SIGMOBILE, Tracy Camp , and the Vice Chair of SIGMOBILE, Jason Redi . For examples of previous MC2R event reports, contact Tracy Camp .
  10. That you ensure copies of your event papers are included in the ACM Digital Library.

Special Instructions for Workshops

Beyond these general guidelines on approval procedure, if you are organizing a workshop that you would like to hold in conjunction with a SIGMOBILE conference (MobiCom, MobiHoc, and MobiSys), then additional specific approval procedures apply. All workshops to be held in conjunction with any SIGMOBILE conference must follow these specific approval procedures.