GetMobile promotes research and development by bringing together researchers and practitioners and fostering interest in the mobility of systems, users, data, and computing. GetMobile addresses a spectrum of topics, sharing one common theme — mobility.

Objectives and Scope

The publication's technical scope reflects the emerging symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks, addressing the convergence of mobility, computing, and information organization, its access, services, management and applications. GetMobile’s scope encompasses all areas of mobile computing, systems, applications, and services, wireless communications and networking, and related technologies. A few representative domains of interest include:

  • Algorithms and protocols to cope with mobility, limited bandwidth, limited energy, and intermittent connectivity
  • Mobile, location-dependent applications and services
  • Wireless communication techniques
  • Data management issues in mobile environments
  • Integration of wired and mobile, wireless systems
  • Design, implementation, and operation of emerging wireless technologies
  • Measurement and performance characterization of mobile, wireless systems
  • Architectures that support mobility services
  • Wireless and mobile network management
  • Wearable computing, body-area networks, vehicular networks, under-water networks
  • Mobile, wireless sensing systems
  • Security and privacy issues in wireless and mobile environments
  • Applications of mobile, wireless systems into emerging domains, such as smart grids, Internet-of-Things, and social media

Editors & Technical Staff

Advisory Board